Baxter's Original Dragons Breath BBQ Sauce. Reflection of being a world champion, and our promise to you.

December 31, 2017


Being on top only comes maybe once in a lifetime. Dragons Breath has always been my go-to for all of my meals. I made sure it was the hottest true BBQ sauce in New Zealand because I'm a chilli head myself. But hot needs to have flavour. So I upped some key ingredients for a mouthful of insanity. That means more flavour and more heat!


This moment is a turning point for gluten free and healthy products in the mainstream, we did it! Keeping your ingredients natural like cane sugar, and free from gluten, soy, dairy, nut, gmo's, colourings, and preservatives as well as vegetarian AND winning awards like this has a broad feeling of accomplishment. The years of work we put into recipes, the building from the ground up BBQ sauce. Some people just throw in the kitchen sink and pray. but does it taste good? Generally not, I've been through all of them. And the kitchen sink has all sorts of numbers on the labels that have man made chemicals in them. When you read a label and it says a number for a preservative, you look it up on the net, and Google tells you sometimes it's made from corn and sometimes from wheat: It's a no win situation if you're trying to really watch what you intake. So my promise to you now and forever, Baxter's Original will always be transparent in their labels no matter how big we get, and I will always fight the good fight for being as healthy as possible in our manufacturing as we grow and enter larger manufacturing facilities.


Our whole company was made and will continue to be WHOLESOME. The labels will always have transparency on what you are eating. I look at so many major brands out there of BBQ sauce and all have just crap in them. How can we put this stuff in our bodies and feel good about the dinner we just ate? The thing is, we may be a gluten free company, but our sauces have so much flavour that we get everybody eating them. Gluten free and everything free no longer has to taste like the a big pile of dirt.


We are very proud to have taken World Champion for the hot bbq sauce division, World champion for our Dragons Breath label, and 2nd place for our Jolokia Rum Voodoo label. This marks 10 awards in the past 3 years for Baxter's Original BBQ and hot sauces. I couldn't be more proud of our team: Berrin, Mekla, Annette and Erika. Stay tuned for more updates from Baxter's Original. We've got some big news on expansion for 2018!


Check out all the winners this year for the World Hot Sauce Awards:



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